Student affairs office provides the following of services and support:

  • Medical Consent Form:

KSAU-HS students (& their spouses and children) are eligible for Health Treatment. The student can get the medical consent form from Student Affairs office which allows her to attend Employee Health Clinic for their health concerns.

  • Reference Letter:

Students can now make online request for the Reference Letter thru the website (

  1. Go to College of Medicine – Jeddah website.
  2. Click “services”.
  3. Find “referral letter
  4. Use your KSAU account to log in
  5. Check your information
  6. Click “send request”
  7. You will received an email regarding the request status
  8. After Student Affairs approval, you will received an email with your referral letter
  • Locker Rooms:

Each student has the right to obtain one locker to be used throughout the academic year

For more details, please go to Student Affairs Department.

  • Admission and Registration Transactions:

Students can now make online request for the following:

  1. Withdrawal
  2. Semester Drop
  3. Postponement of Study
  4. Reactivation / Resume of Study

for more information, Please go to Downloads and choose ” How student can fill a new request?“.

  • Extracurricular Activities:

Students Club is where students in KSAU-HS get to organize and participate in extracurricular activities in a variety of fields.
Activity requests can be initiated thru, here the authorized students can place the activity request explaining the objective of the activity, the plan, & requirements.
And for further details you can refer to Extracurricular Activities Bylaws on the Downloud page.