To establish an attuned interdisciplinary collaborative research community by providing assistance, guidance and orientation for the undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Involve  the  undergraduate and  postgraduate students in an  excellent  and  advanced evidence-based medical research,  practice, and service.


To achieve the mission and vision, the research unit aims to provide:

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

  • foster interdepartmental        cooperation,      understanding,       inclusion       and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • cultivate academic integrity, collegiality, and diversity at all levels

Research, Innovation, and Academic Publishing

  • recognize excellence in educational research, practice, and service
  • promote scholarly research and innovation within higher education
  • promote the highest professional  standards and research ethics for educators

Professional and Personal Development and Capacity Building in Research

  • foster capacity  building  in  research at  all  levels  (individual,  institutional, national, global)
  • provide national leadership on critical issues impacting medical research