Medicine Program Research Strategic Plan

Program Research Vision and Core Values

The Medicine Program research vision and core values were aligned with the University strategic plan 2016-2021 and were prepared in consideration of Saudi Vision 2030. Furthermore, we considered the national and international accreditation requirements. Other specific factors that shape our research vision and values are the stakeholders’ views including students and faculty. Their views were obtained through comprehensive SWOT analysis.


Pioneering research and discoveries made in the Medicine Program should benefit the community and organisations in many areas of life and work by helping industries, societies and communities continue competing, improving and evolving.

Core Values

• High Research Quality and Adherence to High Ethics Standards We expect our faculty, staff and students to be committed to the highest standards of quality and ethics in research.

• Scientific Creativity and Innovation We encourage the development of new ideas in research as innovation is crucial to the continuing success of our Medicine Program.

• Relevance and Accountability We encourage our faculty, staff and students to be responsive to the needs of our community by addressing priority health problems.

• Leadership and Teamwork We aim to enhance leadership skills and individual responsibility by conducting research in an interdisciplinary teamwork atmosphere.

Strategic Goals & Initiatives

A. Improve the existing governance structure in the Medicine Program and align it with the University research governance model.

B. Strengthen the organizational research structures within the Medicine Program with policy and procedures emphasizing research ethics that improve the quality of faculty and student research.

C. Develop and implement the program research strategic plan in collaboration with the Research Centre in the University; to guide the leadership, coordination, and enhancement of faculty/student research activities within the program.

D. Increase funding from internal grants and other extramural sources.

E. Create a database to monitor the volume of student and faculty research and improve the research reporting system.

F. Create a research mentoring program for junior faculty to enhance junior faculty contribution to research production.

G. Increase the publication rate of students and faculty projects in high impact journals.

H. Continue the support and improvement of the faculty research enhancement program and workshops.

I. Improve the Undergraduate Medicine Research Program (MRP), a required component of the curriculum in the program.

KAIMRC Strategic Plan


To be a leading international institution in biomedical and clinical research.


To generate cutting-­‐edge scientific research that helps improve the health of the population.

KAIMRC Research and Development Priorities

Based on the knowledge of national priorities, NGHA areas of interest and the current capabilities and capacities within the academic medical center, it is recommended to focus only on a few selected disease areas as an initial step towards bringing more focus to KAIMRC Research and Development strategy, which will include:

•Cancer: Breast Cancer; Colorectal Cancer; Leukemia; Lymphoma; Thyroid Cancer.

•Diabetes: Metabolic Surgery; β Cell Regeneration.

•Cardiovascular Diseases: Ischemic Heart Diseases; Congestive Heart Failure.

•Infectious Diseases: Hepatitis B
and C; MERS-­‐CoV, Vaccines.

•Neurological Diseases: Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke.