• Introduction

    The Program mission, vision and core values were aligned with the University strategic plan 2016-2021 and were prepared in consideration of Islamic values, societal perspectives, and Saudi Vision 2030. Other considerations include the national development plan, strategic goals, policies and future plan for higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore we considered the national and international accreditation requirements, mainly the World Federation of Medical Education. Other specific factors that shape our mission, vision and values are the stakeholders’ views including students, faculty, MNGHA partners, health system and community representatives. Their views were obtained through comprehensive SWOT analysis. These statements aim toward ambitious and balanced transformation to address the national requirements while keeping the global dimension. Based on the above, the mission, vision and core values were formulated:

  • Vision

    To achieve global leadership and excellence in medical education research, patient care, and community service and to be the destination for the young minds who wish to be successful physicians of the future.

  • Mission

    To graduate qualified physicians and provide high quality education, research, and relevant community services that promote social accountability.

  • Core Values

    High Ethical Standards and Professionalism
    We expect our faculty, staff and students to demonstrate the highest ethical standards, integrity, accountability and professionalism in their conduct.

    Leadership and Teamwork
    We aim to enhance leadership skills and individual responsibility by conducting work in an interdisciplinary teamwork atmosphere.

    High Quality and Excellence
    We expect our faculty, staff and students to be committed to the highest standards of quality in education, research, healthcare services and administration.

    Relevance and Accountability
    We encourage our faculty, staff and students to be responsive to the needs of our community by addressing priority health problems.

    Scientific Creativity
    We encourage the development of new ideas in education, research, healthcare and administration.

    We encourage all stakeholders to act with clarity.