• Leave your personal belongings such as handbags, briefcases, etc. outside thelibrary entrance on your own responsibility. The library disclaims any liability for loss or damage.
  • Badge must be kept when entering the library.
  • Do not write, underline, highlighted, water damage, stains, torn pages or covers of any Library books are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for the damage.
  • Do not reshelve books or journals.
  • Complete silence should be observed except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff.
  • Smoking, drinking and eating are not allowed in the library.
  • Keep your mobiles on silence within the library premises.
  • All belongings left for more than one day will be kept at the circulation counter.
  • Seats in the library cannot be reserved.
  • Insulting language or provocative behavior of any kind is not permitted.
  • Students who exhibit such behavior will be asked to leave the library immediately.
  • In the case of a user attempting to steal or damage COM-J Library property, this matter will be referred to College disciplinary procedures.
  • Photography, videography and sound recording within the library are forbidden without the permission of the Library Staff.
  • Alumni are welcome to use all of the COM-J Library facilities, but do not have borrowing privileges.
  • Children under the age of twelve are prohibited in the library.
  • Conducting surveys of any kind without the prior permission of COM-J Library staff is not permitted.



The purpose of this Circulation Policy is to present guidelines for maintaining accurate, efficient, and consistent service procedures. All books from the regular collection are checked out from this area. However, of necessity, library materials can be circulated only to COM-J, KSAU-HS students, faculty and staff.


Student, faculty, joint appointment faculty and staff, are entitled for library membership. They are required to fill a library membership form and submit at the circulation desk in the library. The library membership forms are available at circulation desk.


5.2  General Borrowing Policies:

5.2.1 Library material must be checked out in person.

5.2.2 Borrowed library materials should be returned on the due date.

5.2.3 Library materials must be renewed either by visiting the circulation desk, email or phone call on or before the item’s due date to avoid fine charges,  providing no other patron has requested the item(s).

5.2.4 Weekends are not included in the loan period.

5.2.5 Reference books, audio visual (AV) materials, thesis, periodicals should not be checked out from the libraries.

5.2.6 Multi-volume books: each volume is treated as a separate item.

5.2.7 1 Copy should never be circulated and remain in the library as a reserve.

5.2.8 Books can be reserved for 24 hours only; each registered user may reserve a maximum of two (02) library books which are currently checked out to the other users. Once the item is available, the users will be notified by email for collection.

5.3  Number of items, loan period and renewal

5.3.1 Faculty members may borrow four (4) books at a time for 30 days. Renewal of borrowed books can be made only for two more weeks. If a borrowing request by another user is placed during the last seven days, the library will recall the item(s) to be  returned immediately.

5.3.2 Students and college staff may borrow two (2) books at a time for 7 days. Renewal of borrowed books is made only for seven (7) days and up to 2 times. If a borrowing request by another user is placed during the last seven days, the library will recall the item(s) to be returned immediately.

5.3.3 Visitors, interns and alumni are not eligible to checkout any library materials.


Books can be renewed twice, unless they are required by another member. Renewal of library materials must be made on or before the item due date to avoid fine charges, providing no other patron has requested the item(s).


You can request a book which is currently on loan and we will reserve it for you when it is returned. Books can be reserved for 24 hours only, each registered user may reserve a maximum of two (02) library items.


5.5 Overdue Fines

5.5.1   Students: Two (2) Saudi Riyals per day per item fine is charged, with a maximum of three hundred (SR 300.00) per book.

5.5.2   Faculty members & staff: Five (5) Saudi Riyals per day per item fine is charged, with a maximum of five hundred (SR 500.00) per book.


5.6 Lost & Damage

5.6.1   Patron with lost/damaged item must immediately report the item to his\her respective library to stop counting of fines.

5.6.2   If library material is damaged beyond repair or is lost, the patron must replace it with the same item or the latest edition plus any overdue fines.

5.6.3   If the lost item is out-of-print, it should be replaced by a similar title with equal or higher price. The replacement of such item must be approved by College Learning Resource Committee.

5.6.4   The patron with lost/damaged item should not be allowed to checkout any library materials until the item has been replaced.


Computers are available for searching the literature and prepare the assignments. Workstations are updated and rebooted each night; any user data on the hard drive is erased. Save your work on external media or the cloud, or email your files to yourself.


Laptops, phones, or other devices with Wi-Fi capability may access the web from COM-J Library


Printing, photocopying and scanning are available on a limited basis, and strictly for research and study purposes.


5.7 Inter Library Loan (ILL)

5.7.1    Any KSAU-HS student, faculty member, or staff can borrow books from libraries in other University Colleges when it is not available in his/her  own College Library.

5.7.2    On behalf of the borrower (requester), the concerned College Library will send an email  to the library where the book is available.

5.7.3    The borrower is responsible to collect and return the book from the lending library.

5.7.4     In case of overdue charges, the borrower i s responsible for any fine charges.

ILL is usually used to fulfill requests for certain formats:

  • Book/Book Chapter (as PDF files)
  • Journal Articles (as PDF files)


The Acknowledge Databases consist thousands of online full text of Journals and Books on Bio-Medical and related subjects are available.


Most of our e-journals, databases, and electronic materials are restricted so that only COM-J students, faculty and staff can use them off campus. This service is available only for those who are having NGHA/KSAU-HS credentials.


An online bibliography of a library collection that is available to the users, PCs can be used to search for particular item by author, title and subject etc.


A COM-J Library Resources Catalogue sends from the library email to all student, block faculty and coordinators in the beginning of every block.


COM-J Library provides this service to all library users to reserve the library meeting room for group study, discussions and meetings. A form can be obtained from the Circulation Desk.


  • Reference Service
  • Library Orientation
  • Literature search
  • Helping in preparation of Bibliographies and Reference management
  • New Arrivals