Support & Services

  • Curriculum Unit

    Overview: Curriculum Unit is the execution and delivery of the curriculum in collaboration with Academic Affairs Department.
    Goals: To act as supporting body for curriculum implementation; and to receive / collect suggestions for modifications on the curriculum.

  • Evaluation Unit

    Overview: The Evaluation Unit serves not only in the mere administration of the evaluation process but more so in the utilization of the evaluation results towards maintaining and improving the quality of the block, students’ learning experience, and institutional and faculty improvement.


    • Determination of the effectiveness of the block.
    • Block improvement in the future based on its strengths and weaknesses.
    • Faculty promotion and tenure decisions.
    • Faculty development.
    • Curriculum changes and improvement.
    • As a tool for accreditation process.
  • Faculty Enhancement Unit

    Overview: Faculty Enhancement Program is an active component of COM-J’s Department of Medical Education in providing continuous learning opportunities to its pool of faculty. The series of activities provided by this unit helps faculty members evolve in their knowledge and skills as educators, thus improving their practice and enhancing individual’s strengths and capabilities. These include development of new skills in the teaching and learning process, better curriculum planning and implementation, more productive student-teacher relationships, appropriate and effective assessment and evaluation strategies, and increased commitment and capability for educational scholarship. Educational workshops, orientation activities, seminars and symposium have been made more accessible as part of their professional advancement in the field of medical education.


    • To assist teaching staffs during planning, implementation and delivery of the curriculum.
    • To create a positive impact on participants� self-assessment of their academic skills, as well as assessment from their learners.
    • To establish a key component on recruitment, retention and promotion of faculty.
  • Masters in Medical Education Unit

    Overview: The MME Unit provides educational specialization and leadership opportunity to health professionals in the field of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and other allied health professions. The program runs for two years, and two batches of MME students are dealt with in each academic year.

    Goal: To produce an excellent medical educators.

    Masters in Medical Education Program Admission Requirements:

    • The applicant must be a Saudi national
    • Must have a 550 degree in English Language Testing (TOFEL), or the holder of a (6) degrees in English Language Testing (IELTS), or equivalent.
    • Approval of the work on the study for a period of two academic years.
    • Be of good conduct and behavior.
    • To pass the personal interview.
    • To pass the test Admission.
    • Mobilization of enrollment on the website application form.
    • Admission is by differentiation based on grade point average and the availability of seats.

    Be not less than the cumulative average for all applicants (3.5 / 5.0) or equivalent for graduates of the College of Medicine and Dentistry, and no less than the cumulative average for the rest of the applicants for other health disciplines for a very good estimate (3.75 / 5.00) or equivalent.

  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Support

    Overview: Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is a performance-based examination that is conducted at the end of each block in which students are assessed as they rotate through a series of stations to interview, examine and treat standardized or simulated patients (SP) who present with some type of medical problem. Each station usually tests a different component of clinical competence, such as taking a history, conducting a physical examination, ordering diagnostic tests, making a diagnosis, planning treatment, or communicating with patients.

  • Problem-Based Learning Support

    The Department of Medical Education is assigned to oversee the whole process of conduction of Problem Based Learning at COM-J. The DME assigned PBL organizer/coordinator has the following tasks:

    • Prepare the schedule for coming the semester.
    • Conduct meeting with the Academic Affairs.
    • Nominate COM-J faculty (JA & full-time) as a tutor for the PBL sessions.
    • Coordinating and constant follow-up with the tutors.
    • Ensure smooth implementation of sessions.
    • Develop strategic plan for the coming years.
    • Provide overall feedback to the students concerning to PBL concerns and improvements.