The Department of Medical Education aims to provide remarkable services for the curriculum development, program and course evaluation administration, students and faculty personal and professional advancement, and above all to produce qualified medical educators.


  • To oversee and monitor the Department of Medical Education units’ functions and processes, and to provide an ongoing assessment of the department educational needs in line with the current educational standards.
  • To reassess and receive suggestions for any modification in the curriculum in collaboration with Academic Affairs Department
  • To evaluate scientific research projects presented by the faculty and students.
  • To review and analyze the output of evaluation program for curriculum, faculty, and students; to recommend solutions and take appropriate actions.
  • To monitor the over plan and evaluate the proper conduction of the workshops/conferences for the faculty, and to suggest program’s modifications and solutions based on the reports for the workshops’ improvement.
  • To supervise the implementation and evaluation of the Masters in Medical Education (MME) Program in coordination and collaboration with the Department of Medical Education, COM-R.
  • To oversee and facilitate the smooth conduction of the OSCE Support Units’ activities.
  • To suggest to the College Council the appointment of faculty members, lecturers, and their promotions.