The primary role of IT Services in the College of Medicine to support and guide students, faculty, and staff who use technology to fulfill the institutions missions of preparing students in the field of medicine in an academic setting that fosters excellence in education, research and compassionate patient care. We insist that technology is a tool and an enabler, not an impediment. We strive to provide tools and services that are easy to implement, easy to teach, and easy to use while respecting the individual needs of our students, faculty and staff.

Our Services:

  • Office and Computer Services: Creating a shared folder, Computer virus removal, E-mail Archiving, Connecting users to additional printers, Installing a licensed software.
  • E-mail Services:KSAU e-mail creation, (e-mail correction) justification form, E-mail Authorization form.
  • Academic Services:Video conference scheduling, Auditorium Events Services, All Classrooms/ Lecture hall support.
  • Application Services: COM-J website ( Technical support), COM-J IT Department Application.


Smart Classrooms:

Learning has never been as easy and interesting as it is today. The use of smart boards and powerful LCD projectors has made the traditional chalk boards and ordinary white boards something of the past. Students can now flip between sketching and writing on the smart boards and browsing for latest scientific references on international websites as they discuss the problems presented in their online curriculum. They can also retain all the discussion points that have been written on the board and share it in electronic soft copy formats.

Online Learning Management Systems:

One of the distinguishing features of this College which differentiates it from its peer medical schools, is its provision of the whole curriculum online. This online curriculum is an interactive learning system based on a wide range of new web technologies that allows a superior delivery of medical education when compared to the traditional paper-based curriculum. We operate comprehensive Learning Management Platforms like Blackboard that allow instructional delivery for the course materials, as a hybrid course or as an online course. Blackboard is easy to use and features anytime, anywhere access. By placing course materials online, students can better engage in their classes, producing better results. Lecture notes, discussion boards and quizs can be posted. Electronic multimedia is heavily utilized to enhance student learning experience. This includes the use of a multimedia database available for storing high quality images for learning purposes as well as other multimedia which is used to support teaching Anatomy, Pathology, Radiology, and multimedia in clinical sciences.

College Network:

Recognizing that information technology is inseparable from education, the College aspires to sustain an educational environment which provides the fullest possible array of information and communication technologies to members of its community. A solid Intranet infrastructure provides faculty and students the ability to access information with ease and dependability.

Computer Aided Learning Environment:

Different labs and areas in the College have been equipped with state of the art equipment which facilitates the learning process; the study carrels in the library have been converted into multimedia centers that not only allow students to use hardcopy books but also eBooks, International online libraries and online multimedia. Another computer and multimedia LAB is established on order to enhance the Lingual and Computer Skills of the students.