Phase III: Clinical Clerkship (Two Academic Years)

Clinical experience provides the substrate of learning in conjunction with a continuing structured PBL program in the latter two years. Generally, formal teaching sessions are reduced with emphasis being directed to the clerkship-based activities of the particular clinical service attachment. Integrated clinical attachments involve student attachment to the main medical and surgical ward services and associated ambulatory clinics in the hospital or in affiliated health care facilities. A number of related services are clustered in a given block to form a coherent clinical experience. A second elective is given at the end of the third year, during the summer.

The Curriculum Structure (PHASE III)

Year 5
Semester 5 Semester 6
Medicine 1
(8 Credit Hours)
Surgery 1


(8 Credit Hours)

Family & Community Medicine
(8 Credit Hours)
(8 Credit Hours)
8 Weeks 8 Weeks 8 Weeks 8 Weeks
Block 13 – MEDICAL RESEARCH 2 (3 Credit Hours) Longitudinal over Phase III
Year 6
Semester 7 Semester 8
Medicine 2
(8 Credit Hours)
Surgery 2
(8 Credit Hours)
Obstetrics & Gynecology
(8 Credit Hours)
Special Senses & Mental Health
(8 Credit Hours)
8 Weeks 8 Weeks 8 Weeks 8 Weeks