• Mission Statement

    The College of Medicine will prepare students in the art and science of medicine in an academic setting that fosters excellence in education, research, and compassionate patient care. The College graduate should thus develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude that will enhance the health of the Saudi population and contribute to the advancement of medicine. The mission will be carried out jointly with existing National Guard care facilities.

  • Vision Statement

    To transfer healthcare educational methods into a higher level of quality and safety based on advanced medical simulation technology.

  • Aims

    Clinical Simulation Center aims to utilize the benefits of medical simulation technology for medical and educational proposes with a staff dedicated to:

    • Integrate medical simulation in the training curriculum for students, faculty and staff at all levels in all specialties.
    • Develop a simulation training that fully incorporate state-of-the-art training techniques and equipment.
    • To be compatible with highest standards of quality in both organizational and educational aspects
    • Effort to include all environmental factors to make the students learning experience realistic and authentic.
    • Participate and support all the published field of research that is related to simulation-based educational methodologies.
    • Appreciate the real concept of simulation and utilize it as a valuable tool for assessment evaluation.