Support & Services

  • Department of Basic Medical Sciences Council


    1. To handle teaching courses/modules within its specialty, subject to the approval of the University Council based on the recommendation of the University Central Curriculum Committee.
    2. To discuss and approve the distribution of lectures, training activities between faculty members and regulates department tasks.
    3. To suggest to the College Council the appointment of faculty members, lecturers and laboratory staff and their promotions.
    4. To evaluate scientific research projects submitted by the faculty members, review and analyze the output of evaluation program for curriculum, faculty and students; to recommend/suggest solutions and appropriate actions.
    5. To suggest to the College of Medicine library’ books for the courses or as reference.
    6. The Department of Basic Medical Sciences Council may form standing or temporary committees of its members if needed.
  • Department of Basic Medical Sciences Journal Club


    BMS Journal Club (JC) extends the existing practice of Journal Club common to all faculties to collaborate for the better understanding of the research trends world over for enhancement of the teaching practices/ sharing of individual research ideas, and to foster exchange of information and expertise among faculty members of the department.

    Goals of the Journal Club are:

    1) To keep up with the current medical literature and critically appraise it.

    2) To develop an approach for the collaboration between the faculty members.

    3) To become familiar with research areas/opportunities available in KSAUHS/MNGHA/KAIMRC.

    4) To understand the basis of diagnostic testing (prevalence, sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values, likelihood ratios) so as to have an impact on pedagogy.


    1. Constituted in BMS Council Meeting No. #5 on January 07 2016, Started its first meet in February 2016.
    2. The (JC) roster is generated after thorough discussion with BMS faculty.
    3. Each faculty is entitled to present one article per year as per roster.
    4. Participation in the (JC) activity is required.
    5. Selection of the Journal article is optional.
    6. The (JC) activity/presentation is assigned 30-45 minutes to leave room for discussion among faculty.
    7. Journal club is held in the 2nd / 4th Wednesday of each month.
    8. A total of 80% of faculty participated till now.