Dr. Syed Sameer Aga (DCA, MSc, PhD)

Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Chairperson, Development & Quality Assurance Unit

Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine-Jeddah,

Official Email: agasy@ngha.med.sa; agas@ksau-hs.edu.sa

Personal Email: agasykash@gmail.com

Extension: 45768

Brief Biography:

Dr. Syed Sameer Aga has a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry (Cancer Genetics) from Sher I Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, India. He has 12 years of graduate and undergraduate teaching, 16 years of research and 8 years of administrative experience. He has an excellent teaching, research, and administrative background and is handling numerous self-ideated Research Projects. He has expertise in the fields of Cancer and Population genetics. He has published 100 scientific papers, 10 books with total citations of 1900 and h-index of 22.


  • PhD in Biochemistry, from Sher I Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, India in 2011
  • MS in Biochemistry, from University of Kashmir, India in 2006
  • BS in Sciences, from University of Kashmir, India in 2004

Research Interests:

  • Cancer Genetics, Population Genetics, Polymorphisms, Colorectal cancer, Quality, Medical Education

Scientific Memberships:

  • Member of Royal Society of Biology, London, UK.
  • Biochemical Society, London, UK.
  • Asian Council of Science Editors, Dubai, UAE.
  • Association of Clinical Biochemists of India, Delhi, India.
  • Society of Indian Academy of Medical Genetics, Lucknow, India.
  • Indian Association of Cancer Research, Delhi, India.
  • Middle East Molecular Biology Sources, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Saudi Society of Medical Education – WR, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Editorial Activities:

    • Associate Editor
      • Frontiers in Oncology and Molecular Biosciences – Frontiers Media SA, Switzerland.
      • Current Drug Metabolism – Bentham Science Publishers, UAE.
      • Biomed Research International, Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Infectious Disease and Education Research International – Hindawi Publishing Corporation, UK.
    • Editorial Board Member
      • World Journal of Biological Chemistry, World Journal of Clinical Oncology and World Journal of Gastroenterology.
    • Full Time Reviewer
    • European Journal of Cancer Prevention, Tumor Biology, Bioscience Reports, PLOS ONE, PLOS Genetics, Biomarker Research, Gene Reports, Future Oncology, Cancer Biomarkers, Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis, Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, Indian Journal of Medical Research, Indian Journal of Cancer, Archives of Medical Research, Meta Gene, Gene, Frontiers in Physiology and BMC Medical Genetics.

Publications (In KSAU-HS):

  • Alzahrani AM, Imam L, Alsharif M, Hakami AY, Sameer AS. Clinical Identification of Hypovitaminosis D among Elderly Attending Primary Care Centre in Saudi Arabia. Biochemistry Research International. 2022; Article ID
  • Sameer AS and Nissar S. Essential guide to Manuscript writing for Academic Dummies: An Editor’s Perspective. Biochemistry Research International. 2022; Article ID
  • Sameer AS, Jaha R, Khan R, Junaydi D, Hakami AY, Khan MA, Alsaab Hashem. Detailed demographics and the prevalence of comorbidities in ovarian cancer patients in western region of Saudi Arabia. Journal of Nature and Science of Medicine. 2022; 5:254-61.
  • Al-Foheidi MH, Albeshri AM, Moamenkahan SN, Abdullah AM, Abualola MS, Alharbi MH, Refa AA, Bayer AM, Shaheen AY, Sameer AS, Khan MA, Al-Mubarak M, Ibrahim EM. Combination of palbociclib with adjuvant endocrine therapy (ET) for treatment of Hormone Receptor-Positive and HER2-Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer: An experience at two cancer centers in Saudi Arabia. Molecular and Clinical Oncology. 2022.
  • Al-Mubarak M, Maglan AF, Altayeb MK, Faraj LA, Sameer AS, Felimban EA, Khan MA. The Risk of Developing Lymphoma among Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder Patients: A Cross-Section Study. Disease Markers. 2022; Article ID
  • Qedair JT, Al-Qurashi A, Al-Amoudi S, Sameer AS, Hakami AY. Assessment of Quality of life of Colorectal Cancer Patients at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. International J. of Surgical Oncology. 2022; Article ID
  • Sameer AS, Yasmeen N, Khan MA, Awadh A, Hakami AY, Malli IA. Knowledge, awareness and attitude of Health Professions Students of KSAU-HS about HPV infection and Screening. Journal of Education and Health Promotion. 2022; 11:141.
  • Sameer AS, Yasmeen N, Khan MA. Knowledge, Awareness, and Perception towards Cervical Cancer and Screening amongst Health & Allied Students: A Cross-Sectional Study in King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University. Education Research International. 2022; Article ID 4608643.
  • Al-Qurashi MA, Mustafa A, Sameer AS, Ahmed A, El-Farra A, Shawli A, Al-Hindi M. Clinical and biochemical characteristics of Complex III Deficiency Due to Novel Mutation in the BCS1L Gene in a Saudi Patient. BMC Medical Genomics. 2022; 15: 63.
  • Behzadi P, Sameer AS, Nissar S, Banday MZ, Gajdács M, García-Perdomo HA, Akhtar K, Pinheiro M, Magnusson P, Sarshar M, Ambrosi C. The Interleukin-1 (IL-1) Superfamily Cytokines and Their Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). Journal of Immunology Research. 2022; Article ID 2054431.
  • Khan MA, Sameer AS, Noorwali AA, Allaf MF, Althagafi WA, Bahashwan AA. Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Regarding Shisha Smoking in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Journal of Nature and Science of Medicine. 2022; 5:51-6.
  • Al-Mubarak M, Ahmad SN, Khan MA, Martin PN, Sameer AS. Magic of choosing suitable course coordinator based on students’ feedback: A single center experience from Saudi Arabia. Education Research International. 2022; Article ID 7652029.

Administrative Portfolio:

  • COM-Jeddah Level
    • BMS Online Resources Committee | Chairman
    • President Award Nomination Committee| Chairman
    • COM-J QAAA Unit Committee | Co-Chairman
    • Basic Medical Sciences Council | Member
    • Faculty Research Board | Member
    • Self-Study Report Committee (Team1) | Member
    • Program Learning Outcome Assessment | Member
    • Program & Faculty Evaluation Committee | Member
  • Program Level
    • Medicine Program QAAA Committee | Co-Chairman
    • Medicine Program Unified Curriculm Committee | Member
    • Medicine Program Strategic Plan Committee | Member
    • COM-QAAA Task Force | Member
    • SSRP Steering Standards Committee | Member
    • COM COVID-19 Committee | Member
  • University Level
    • Program’s Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Committee | Member