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  • Basic Medical Sciences Journal Club


    BMS Journal Club extends the existing practice of Journal Club common to all faculty to collaborate for the better understanding of the research trends world over for enhancement of the teaching practices and for sharing of individual research ideas among the faculty members of the department.


    1. BMS Journal club (JC) presentation started this AY 2018-19 with Dr. Israa’s presentation in September; since last presentation by Dr. Isra Maali was postponed at the end of the previous academic Year (AY 2017-18). She presented her paper on “Receptor for Activated C-Kinase 1 (PfRACK1) is required for Plasmodium falciparum intra-erythrocytic proliferation”.
    2. In the month of October Dr. Abdullah Awadh was slotted to present his paper on “Lipid droplet homeostasis regulates spread of hepatitis C virus infection”, but the presentation was postponed upon his request.
    3. In the month of November, Journal Club slot was provided on request of Chairman DBMS Dr. Saeed A Sheikh to Er. Musuab Abdullah of Arab Engineers Co who presented his company’s various Basic Science research equipment to COM-J faculty and KAIMRC researchers.
    4. The December slot of the Journal Club was cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances.
    5. In January 2019, 19th presentation of Journal Club was delivered by Dr. Al Qassim Al Hakami. He presented his paper on “β-lactams modulate astroglial glutamate transporters and attenuate dependence to CP 55,940, a CB1 receptor agonist, in rat model”.
    6. For the month of February, Dr. Abdullah Awadh is slotted to present his paper.

    Dr Syed Sameer, Aga.


    Journal Club Committee

    Coordinator: Dr. Syed Sameer

    Co-Coordinator: Dr. Yasser Al-Harabi

    Support Admin Asst: Mr. Saad Basaad

  • DBMS Administrative Groups

    1. Academic Promotion and Appraisal Group

    Point Person:  Dr. Faisal Zaidi


    Dr. Abdullah Awadh

    Dr. Nadia ElAmin

    Dr. Israa Malli

    2. Teaching and Learning Group

    Point Person: Dr. Abdullah Awad


    Dr. Amir Abu Shouk

    Dr. Badar Khwaji

    Dr. Reem BuSaeed

    Dr. Ambreen Faiyaz

    3. Research Facilitation Group

    Point Person: AlQassem Y. Hakami


    DrIsraa Malli

    Dr. Malak AlGhamdi

    Dr. Uzma Asif

    Dr. Kanwal Ahmed

    Dr. S. Faisal Zaidi

    Dr. Syed Sameer Aga