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  • Basic Medical Science Journal Club


    BMS Journal Club extends the existing practice of Journal Club common to all faculty to collaborate for the better understanding of the research trends world over for enhancement of the teaching practices and for sharing of individual research ideas among the faculty members of the department


    • BMS Journal club (JC) organizing committee was officially formed in departmental meeting of January 2016 with Dr Faisal Zaidi as coordinator and Dr Syed Sameer as co-coordinator.
    • The first meeting of the club started in February 2016.
    • First session of the JC was presented by Dr. Syed Sameer followed by Dr Faisal Zaidi, Dr Masood Javed, and Dr Eziddin Kaddumi on monthly basis till May, 2016.
    • JC committee conducted 4 sessions in year 2015-16 successfully.
    • In BMS Departmental meeting 6 on June 15, 2016, previous JC committee was dissolved and new members were given the baton to carry the duties of JC committee with Dr. Syed Sameer as coordinator and Dr. Yasser Al Harbi as co-coordinator.
    • We began the second round of JC meeting on October, 2016 with First session presented by Dr. M Abdus Salaam.
    • Report compiled by Journal Club Organizing Committee for academic session 2016-2017

    On behalf of:

    BMS Journal Club Committee

    Coordinator: Dr. Syed Sameer

    Co-Coordinator: Dr. Yasser Al-harabi

    Adminstrative Assistance: Ms. Alaa Yousef

    Date: 11th November, 2016