Dr Ambreen Faiyaz

Dr Ambreen Faiyaz


Dr Ambreen Faiyaz

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine-Jeddah

Official Email: Faiyaza@ksau-hs.edu.sa ,  FaiyazAM@ngha.med.sa

Personal Email: drambreenhafeez@gmail.com

Extension: 45707
Specialization: Biochemistry

Major: Biochemistry 

Specialization: Photochemical and Computational Studies on the Interaction of Riboflavin and Cyanocobalamin


  • Assistant Professor of Biochemistry (Since 2013)


  • Ph.D of Biochemistry


  • Bioinformatics, Nutritional Biochemistry, Photochemical Studies


  1. Member  of British Biochemical Society, UK

Editorial and Reviewing Activities

  • Editorial Board Member
    • Journal of Bio-molecules and Biochemistry


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