Dr. Uzma Asif (Ph.D)

Dr. Uzma Asif (Ph.D)


Dr. Uzma Asif (Ph.D)

Assistant  Professor of Biochemistry

Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine-Jeddah,

Official Email: asifu@ksau-hs.edu.sa , asifuz@ngha.med.sa

Personal Email: uzma.aasif1@gmail.com

Extension: 45767
Specialization: Biochemistry

Major: Biochemistry

Specialization: Studies on Conformation, new drug formulation and analysis of Febuxostat (Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor)


  • Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, COMJ-F, KSAU-HS (since Aug 2015)


  • Ph.D,  of  Biochemistry


  • Biophysics  , Conformation Analysis of drug , New formulation and development of drug  , Phyco-social issues in medical students (Emotional Intelligence, Nomophobia, anxiety, stress)  , New teaching methedologies in health sciences.(PBL,TBL )


  1. • Life Time Member of National Academy of Young Scientist (NAYS), Pakistan


  • Full Time Reviewer
    • Acting as External Peer reviewer in
      i. “Asian Journal of Allied Health Sciences (AJAHS)”, University of Lahore
      ii. International journal of Biology and Biotechnology (ijbbku.com) University of Karachi.


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