The Office of Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs

The Office of the Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs oversees (4) four core departments (Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Assessment Unit, and Library) in College of Medicine – Jeddah, KSAU-HS in which the main goal is to supervise all processes performed by each department in securing the quality of medical education services provided to all undergraduate medical students. Moreover, Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs is aiming to deliver better and much-improved strategy in order to educate our students with an excellent teaching approach. The vision of these departments is to produce high calibrated physicians all over the world through proper education and training with a sophisticated and professional methodology.

We are also aiming to build relationships between our students and the leadership because we strongly believe that our students will not only become specialized physicians but the next leaders of this institution.

Academic & Student Affairs’ Departments:

  • Academic Affairs

    Academic Affairs is a core participant in KSAU-HS as it has primary responsibility for all aspects of the academic planning and administration related to academic support services, faculty, and student academic matters.

    • Academic Affairs provides programs and services that support student learning and experiences, programmatic initiatives, faculty support, policies, procedures, and regulations.
    • Academic Affairs supports teaching and learning by providing an orientation program, continuing professional development, and resources for new faculty.
    • Annual programs for department administrators provide information and updates on policies and procedures, University initiatives, and effective leadership practices.

    Faculty and department administrators are the key to the student experience.

  • Student Affairs

    The Student Affairs Department plays a vital role as the representative of students to the College of Medicine – Jeddah administration. It aims to provide quality support and assistance to all COM-J students in order to facilitate a healthy learning process and contribute to their professional advancement.

    The Student Affairs office duty is to coordinate between students and other departments with regards to students’ activities, educational processes, and academic transactions.

  • Assessment Unit

    The College of Medicine – Jeddah, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, practices an integrated Problem Based Learning (PBL) themes curriculum with an emphasis on the development of clinical reasoning skills.

    The medical program is organized around themes & blocks based on important professional characteristics such as Basic & Clinical Science, Community & Doctor, Patient & Doctor, and Personal & Professional Development.

    Entire Faculty contributes in preparing high-quality items such as Multiple Choices Questions (MCQs), Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), and Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) in order to maintain reliability and validity.

    The Assessment Unit of College of Medicine- Jeddah functions under the guidance and leadership of Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs.

  • Library

    The self-directed learning approach of the College of Medicine – Jeddah requires extensive use of learning resources. The function of the library is fully automated, resulting in an efficiently integrated system.

    COM-J Library supports the college’s mission by providing dedicated services, effective instruction, and quality resources. To fulfill COM-J Academic, Research, and Clinical requirements, COM-J library has its facilities and resources which provides to its faculty and students such as a sufficient collection of Books, Journals, and Non-Book material as well as online resources.

    Students utilizing the College of Medicine – Jeddah library have access to professional support from the full-time Medical and IT librarians

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