Dr. Sara Abed

Dr. Sara Abed

Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs

Dr. Sara Abed is the Associate Dean of the Academic & Student Affairs, College of Medicine - Jeddah (Male branch).
She oversees the overall functions and workflow of all the departments/units under Academic & Student Affairs such as Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Basic Medical Sciences, Department of Medical Education, Assessment Unit, Research Unit, and Medical Library.
She is also a Joint Appointment Faculty of COM-J with the rank of Assistant Professor of Pediatrics.

  • Professional Experience


    • Jan. 2014 – Present:   Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, College of Medicine – Jeddah, KSAU-HS


    • June 2021 – Present    Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs, College of Medicine – Jeddah, KSAU-HS
    • Apr. 2013 – Present    Regional Director, National Family Safety Program (NFSP)- Jeddah Office
    • Oct. 2010 – Present     Chairperson, Suspected Child Abuse & Neglect Committee, King Abdulaziz Medical City, Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, Jeddah


    • Jan. 2010 – Present     General Pediatric Consultant, King Abdulaziz Medical City, Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, Jeddah
  • Scholarly Work

    • Prevalence of unintentional injuries and poisoning among children in King Abdulaziz Medical City, Jeddah from 2014to 2018 (under progress)
    • Prevalence of online sexual exploitation of youth in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (needs IRB approval)
    • Characteristics and risk factors of Pediatric Bronchial Asthma Patients Hospitalized at KAMC- Jeddah between 2013-2017 (under progress)
    • Leading causes of recurrent hospitalization of neurologically impaired Pediatric patients in KAMC between 2013- 2017 (under progress)
    • Public awareness about the significance of inflicted head trauma in children at KAMC- Jeddah (seeking publication) Presented as a poster at the College of Applied Sciences First Annual Research Forum, poster code 752.
    • Residents’ attitude on medical professionalism at KAMC- Jeddah (seeking publication)
    • 30 Day- readmission causes in children in tertiary care center (retrospective study) (under progress)
    • Effectiveness of Proton Pump Inhibitors for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease in children: A Systematic Review (Poster discussion presentation at the Pediatric research day, the University of Toronto on June 3, 2009, Toronto, ON. Also presented as a Poster discussion presentation at the Canadian Pediatric Society 86th Annual conference on June 24, 2009, Ottawa, ON). In progress to Publish the above mentioned abstract.