Objectives & Goals


The Academic Affairs Division provides the vision, leadership and resources to meet the educational needs of students, faculty, and academic support professionals. In advancing and sustaining an environment that is open, collaborative, inclusive, and professional. The Academic Affairs Division recruits, retains, supports faculty, administrators and staff who are knowledgeable and current in their areas of expertise.

The Academic Affairs Division is dedicated to the continuous assessment and improvement of curricula and programs, the creative and interactive delivery of instruction by innovative incomes


  • Academic Affairs supports new quality of existing, academic programs through students & faculty end year evaluation.
  • Comply & adhere to the processes & procedures of the division & institution.
  • Accuracy, professionalism & timely manner respect are the main principles of the division.
  • Provide facilities supportive of a highly engaged academic endeavor
  • Active participation and leadership by faculty in the Request Objectives Changes and implementation of Academic programs and quality
  • Supports the professional growth of students and faculty through programs and targeted services; it also caters to provide courteous and quality assistance to members of the university and the community
  • Maintains integrity and security of student records between academic departments and student.
  • Provide programs that advance student learning and development.
  • Ensure that all students experience multiple high impact learning activities.
  • Ensure a health smooth execution & implementation of all related duties for student’s courses through the year.