Student affairs office provides the following of services and support:

Medical Consent Form.

Reference Letter:

Students requesting for a reference letter should submit their request thru one of the following three (3) days before collecting the letter:

  1. Sending an e-mail to usthree (3) days before collecting the reference letter.
  2. Filling up a request form three (3) day before collecting the reference letter.

Assessments Support.

Locker Rooms:

  1. Student Affairs provides individual lockers for every enrolled student.
  2. The officer has the right to open and check any student locker if it came to her attention, that there is an unproper use.

General Administrative and Academic Requests:

  1. Semester Postponement.
  2. Semester Drop.
  3. Block Drop.
  4. University Withdrawal.
  5. Transcript.
  6. Replacement request for a defective / lost badge.
  7. Resuming Study.
  8. Transfer from college to college.