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  • Academic Calendar

    Academic Year:

    The period comprised of two main semesters and one summer semester if available. i.e. (Year I in Phase II with Medical Elective Block)

    Academic Calendar:

    A calendar of COM-J start & end dates of Blocks throughout the Academic Year. including the following:

    Planning Phase:-

    • The start and end date of the academic year.
    • Number of breaks and duration during the academic year.
    • Number of blocks ( Block Title & Code) for each year
    • Number of weeks for each block.
    • Number of PBL Session for each block.
    • The start and end date of each block
    • Identify Required Summative Assessment Week for each block.
    • The start and end date of each week.
    • Weeks of students activities.

    Drafting Phase:-

    • Batch number and graduation year.
    • Dates of students activities.
    • Associate Dean Academic & Student Affairs Approval.
    • Dean, College of Medicine Approval.
    • Versioning the sheet with date.
  • Examination List

    A List of detailed COM-J Students Examinations. it includes the following:

    • Batch No.
    • Examination Timings
    • Block Code
    • Examination Type
    • Venue
    • Block Coordinators Names
    • Invigilators Names
  • Phase II Curriculum

    The program includes a spiral and integrated curriculum, with basic medical sciences being taught throughout the first four years (Premedical and Preclinical Phases of the curriculum).

    The Pre-Clinical Phase (Phase II) includes 10 system-based Blocks, each of which includes Basic Medical Sciences.

    The Foundation Studies Block -the first block of the Preclinical Phase of the Medical Curriculum – includes Anatomy/Histology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Infectious Disease, Genetics and Pathology.

    The remaining Blocks are:

    • Musculoskeletal Sciences and Substance Abuse
    • Respiratory Sciences
    • Hematology
    • Cardiovascular Sciences
    • Neurosciences, Vision & Behavior
    • Endocrine, Nutrition and Reproductive Health
    • Urology and Renal
    • Gastroenterology& Nutrition
    • Oncology HIV/AIDS and Palliative Care
    • Medical Research I (Longitudinal throughout Phase II Blocks)
  • Faculty Claim

    Faculty members from the National Guard Health Affairs and King Abdulaziz Medical City University for Health Sciences: who are credentialed to teach units within the curriculum are paid by the hour.

  • Teaching Load

    A document that includes all taught sessions for a particular faculty in terms of Credit & Contact Hours.

    • A credit hour is the weekly theoretical lecture whose duration is no less than 50 minutes, or weekly lab session, or the weekly clinical session whose duration is no less than 100 minutes. Each credit hour is carried out through a whole semester (18 Weeks: 15 Weeks of teaching where hours are credited & 3 Weeks for Revision & Examinations.
    • A contact hour is a measure that represents an hour of scheduled instruction given to students.